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Liqui Moly Oil Performance Enhancer

45 SAR

Liqui Moly Oil Performance Enhancer:-

Liqui Moly Oil Performance Enhancer, is the production of Liqui Moly International Company, which is known for its high quality products thanks to its well-manufactured components, including Liqui Moly Oil Performance Enhancer, which has a very important role to preserve car oil, as it works to create a highly durable lubricating layer On all metallic friction and sliding surfaces, and thus it reduces friction, which leads to the operation of the aggregates more smoothly, and thus it saves fuel and oil significantly for the car, high reliability and anti-friction properties, so that all car owners own Liqui Moly improved performance of the oil, so that they can Maintaining the greatest savings in fuel and oil for the car.

  Basic information about the product:-

Liqui Moly oil performance enhancer, is produced by the international company Liqui Moly, whose products are preferred by many people, thanks to the components from which they are made and also the impressive results they produce. Possible, by creating a highly durable layer on all metal sliding friction surfaces, which leads to reduced friction..

Product Description:-

It is a product of LIQUI MOLY

Liqui Moly Oil Performance Enhancer

· Works on the provision of fuel and oil in a large

Scientifically proven to reduce wear and tear

Contains anti-friction properties

It is characterized by its low price

Product uses:-

Liqui Moly Oil Performance Enhancer is used to preserve the vehicle's oil and fuel for as long as possible, thanks to the properties it contains.

How to use it:-

Liqui Moly Oil Performance Enhancer is used in a very easy and simple way, just put it in the place designated for it inside the car, so that you get savings on oil and fuel.

Its features:-

It significantly saves oil and fuel inside the car.

trade mark:-




45 SAR
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