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الكمراء 4G

JC500 LTE Android Mini MDVR

2,300 SAR

The JC500 LTE Android Mini MDVR is a multifunctional device suitable for video telecommunications technologies for heavy vehicles. It has multiple sockets to support different external devices in order to realize more connection expansion capabilities in various application scenarios

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Support various external devices

With two RS232 UART ports, you can connect multiple external terminals, such as RFID reader, load sensor.

  • drowsiness
  • Long-distance truck, van and taxi drivers experience stressful driving due to their long working hours behind the wheel.

  • distraction
  • Distracted driving behaviors such as phone use, eating and smoking are the causes of countless fatal accidents.
  • Driver Monitoring System
  • Using DMS technology, the JC500 monitors for potentially dangerous and illegal behaviors, then alerts the driver when signs of such



Driving behavior monitoring

Leveraging data on drivers' driving behavior, including extreme acceleration, severe braking, and sharp cornering, will help reduce the accident rate and improve the fuel economy of your fleet.

Event video to the cloud

In the event of a serious accident, collision or improper driving behavior, the JC500 will, as required, capture videos of the events and send them to the cloud for storage. With a 4G connection, you get faster data speeds and wider network coverage, allowing you to respond or take action instantly.

  • Panic button x 1 power button x 1
  • External battery x 1 External battery x 1
  • screw cap x 1 screw cap x 1

2,300 SAR
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