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Protects and restores the original color

Mafra Leather Care Product 500 ml

It is not greasy and does not stick to dirt

35 SAR

Product Description

Car skin is somewhat similar to ours: the skin must be nourished, protected and moisturized regularly to prevent premature aging. That is why Ma-Fra Research Laboratories have developed 3-in-1 Skin Treatment, an effective formula that cleans, nourishes and cares for leather and imitation leather surfaces, preserving its smoothness, color and original appearance, and preventing the formation of wrinkles and cracks. 3-in-1 Skincare is a blend of aloe-based cleansers and oils and natural waxes that ensure a deep and thorough cleaning of surfaces, preserving your vehicle's seats and details over time, while at the same time giving off a pleasant scent. How to use: For best results, spray the product directly onto the stain, allow it to react for a few minutes and then remove it with a microfiber cloth, without rinsing, instead spraying it onto a sponge and gently rubbing the area.

35 SAR
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