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Lucas engine oil seal 1 quart

115 SAR

Lucas engine oil seal 1 quart:

Lucas engine oil sealant 1 quart, it is one of the best types of oils that prevent car engine oil leakage. The engine of the car, the car engine is often exposed to leakage and this may cause many problems at the time, and the best solution for this and for it not to happen again is to use the engine oil sealant from Lucas, it will prevent leakage completely.

 Basic information about the product:-

Lucas engine oil seal 1 quart, is the production of Lucas International, known for its high-quality and irreplaceable products, one of its high-quality products is Lucas engine oil seal, thanks to its new composition, from which it is made, for a very specific basic stock, Which completely prevents any leaks from the engine, which is one of the many problems facing the car owner, so when you use the Lucas oil seal, you completely eliminate the possibility of oil leakage from the engine.

Product Description:-

·         It is a product of LUCAS company

·         Lucas engine oil seal 1 quart

·         It prevents engine oil leakage

·         Made with a new formula that prevents leakage completely

·         It is distinguished by its low price

Product uses:-

Lucas engine oil seal is used to permanently get rid of any engine oil leakage, which many car owners can be exposed to and which may lead to several problems, and thus to prevent oil leakage, the best solution is to use the Lucas engine oil seal.

How to use it:-

Lucas engine oil seal is used, in an easy and simple way, just put it inside the car in the place designated for it.

Its features:-

It completely prevents oil leakage inside the engine.

trade mark:-



engine oil

115 SAR
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