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Boolsee Plus 3 lenses

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Boolsee Plus 3 lenses

Three lenses (front - inner - rear)


Camera Specifications

Mirrors installed in place of the main mirrors

Sound and picture inside and in front of the car and a third lens installed in the back

And a free mobile application that can talk and listen with the driver and passengers, know the location and speed of the car, review trips and previous recordings, and broadcast WiFi inside the car

You just need a data SIM

You can install the internal camera in the back

You are advised to read the rest of the specifications

Specifications // We hope to evaluate the product and the store, after purchasing the driver will know that they are smart mirrors because they work and the Android system appears in them, but you can be convinced that it is for the purpose of photographing the cars driving in front of him so that God forbid and something happened . 3G * It is installed instead of the main mirrors (the main mirrors are replaced) It has three advanced lenses, a front lens behind the mirrors that can be moved, full HD, with a 170-degree aperture, and a built-in inner lens under the mower on the right mirrors, and a third lens for the Rios to appear when going back on the mirrors screen * It works While the car is running only * Supports memory up to 128 GB (not built-in) to record the driver and passengers and know everything inside and outside the car with pictures, video and audio * Equipped with an integrated Android system and Google Play Store * Its mobile application supports iPhone and Android only * The possibility of tracking the vehicle and knowing the speed of the car and its direct location Only * Refer to previous tracks and recordings when connecting the mobile to the same camera network * There are no subscription fees, its application supports the Arabic language and you receive an alert on When starting the car (*note ** this feature supports some versions of mobile phones only) * Wi-Fi transmission inside the car * Google Maps * Supports the Arabic language with the ability to open YouTube and browse the Internet and lock the screen with a lock code so that the driver does not tamper with it * Wires are connected invisibly Exactly * The ability to move the mirror from a car to a car with ease * Touch screen + buttons * The ability to talk to the driver with voice and direct him at the same time * 7-inch high-definition screen * The ability to download applications from Google Play * Bluetooth

* You need a data SIM of any type: stc, Zain, mobily, but it is better to have STC open or multi or any other package

1,800 SAR
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