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Car imp (3Ton imp)

120 SAR
A car jack is characterized by durability and rigidity, in addition to the most wonderful design, as it helps to perform its function to the fullest, and is equipped with wheels to make it easier to use. You can now buy it at an incomparable price from the Noorcom online store. Do not hesitate to contact the store and learn about the types of products

Description of the imp car

It is one of the most important tools that any car and bus driver must have as it is indispensable, a carefully designed hydraulic car lift with a distinctive box

Product information

  • Product name: car puck
  • Type: Maintenance Tools
  • Color: red
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Capacity: 3 tons
  • Minimum height: 135mm
  • Lifting height: 400mm
  • Product size: 630*280*165 mm
car demon

Features of the car imp

  • Designed from the best materials to be solid yet lightweight so that it can be carried anywhere.
  • It is also suitable for use in all cars, trips and travel.
  • Also, his car goblin is equipped with a bag to be preserved
  • It is also easy to use by all people.
  • The possibility of obtaining a car bumper from many places, but the Noorcom store provides it to you with the speed of shipment to any place.

Customer Reviews

Noorcom store seeks to provide the best innovative products that save time and effort at unbeatable prices, so it has become very popular and has gained the trust of many customers. You can choose what you want and once you order it, you will receive it as soon as possible, with the possibility of payment through many electronic means. Visa Card, Master Card and other methods
120 SAR
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