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Sonax Wax Wax 1 Liter

70 SAR

Sonax Wax and Wax 1 Liter:-

Sonax Wax and Wax 1 liter, is the production of the international company Sonax, which is known for its high-quality products thanks to its well-manufactured components, including Sonax Wax 1 liter wax, is the best product that is preferred to be used in maintaining the cleanliness of the car and on maintaining the color of the car well, Sonax Wax and Wax removes all the dirt on the car paint, it also covers the paint with a permanent protective film made of natural carnauba wax, and completely preserves the color of the paint without causing any damage to it, and removes all the accumulated dirt in a simple and fast way, so It is a favorite of many car owners.

 Basic information about the product:-

Sonax Wax and wax 1 liter, is produced by Sonax International, which many people prefer to use its products, thanks to the components from which it is made and also the impressive results that they make. All the dirt accumulated on the car that causes the paint to look bad, and it is difficult to remove in a way that does not harm the car paint, so the product was made by Sonax to preserve the car and its color completely without any damage to it.

Product Description:-

·         It is a SONAX product

·         Sonax Wax and Wax 1 Liter

·         It removes dirt permanently, coating the paint with a permanent protective film made of natural carnauba wax

·         It protects the paint and makes it shiny

·         Completely protects the car

·         It is distinguished by its low price

Product uses:-

Sonax Wax and 1 liter wax are used to clean the car from the accumulated dirt that it is permanently exposed to, due to the frequent use of the car, and cleaning it is a difficult matter, as if it is cleaned incorrectly, it will damage the color of the car, so the use of Sonax Wax and 1 liter wax In car cleaning, it is essential so that you can keep your car's paint color bright and cheerful.

How to use it:-

Sonax transparent wax is used in a very easy and simple way, just put it on the car to remove dirt and use appropriate wiping management, then water is used to rinse.

Its features:-

It works to remove all the dirt accumulated on the car and maintain the glossy color of the car paint.

trade mark:-



cleaning shampoo

70 SAR
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