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Cylinder welding from Super Seal abro

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Super Seal Abro Cylinder Welding:-

Cylinder welding is one of the best types of welding available, as it works to weld holes and cracks in blocks, heads and radiators in an excellent manner, and it cannot be dispensed with. Water does not leak, and this is what a cylinder welding product does, it works to weld and seal cracks forever, used for engine blocks and head radiators, in an easy and simple way.

Basic information about the product:-

Cylinder welding, is one of the products of ABRO, and is known in the market for its great importance in welding, it helps to weld holes and cracks in blocks, heads and radiators and withstands extreme high temperatures and pressure loads, and this is what distinguishes it from any other welding type, it can be used in Welding your car's radiator crack, so that water does not leak, and works to seal it permanently. It is made of effective materials that make it the best among all products in the market, and it is irreplaceable.

Product Description:-

  • It is a product of the company ABRO

  • It is a permanently insulated copper-reinforced liquid glass

  • It seals holes and cracks in blocks, heads and radiators

  • Withstands extreme temperatures and pressure loads

  • It is distinguished by its low price

Product uses:-

Cylinder welding is used to fully weld all holes and cracks in blocks, heads and radiators, and withstands extreme temperatures.

How to use it:-

It is used in an easy and simple way, empty the coolant and fill with water, until the engine works to open the thermostat and circulate the water, and then add some water in the plastic water, shake the bottle well, then put it in the radiator, and then close the radiator cap and leave The engine runs for 15 minutes, do not pour the radiator if the water level is low.

Its features:-

It is characterized as a weld material that completely eliminates holes and cracks in blocks, heads and radiators, and it can also withstand extreme temperatures.


The product is irritating to the eyes and skin, so it should not come close to them, and keep them out of the reach of children

trade mark:-



heat processor

25 SAR
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