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Bosnian Paint No.: 28

15 SAR

Ordinary paint, dark blue

The BOSNY spray product helps to change your shopping habits and you will use again the things that may have become worn due to their bright discoloration, and all this is provided by this product, experts recommend the use of paints made in the spray to paint surfaces or to treat visible damage on the surface, especially And that these types of paints are suitable for different materials such as metal, glass and ceramics, and they are characterized by a great degree of durability and stability and in more than one color.

Product information on BOSNY Paint Spray Regular, dark blue color

The sprayer is used to paint the surfaces of cars or the like.

  • Producing Company: BOSNY.

  • Product type: paint sprayer.

  • The spray is of great quality. It is a normal paint, a dark blue color. What distinguishes this paint is that it is made of a premium acrylic material that is one hundred percent pure.

  • The spray paint is stable for life, does not affect the factors of time, and can easily change the color of motorcycles or cars.

For the best results

Before presenting ideas about surfaces we can restore with spray paint, we first identify 3 ways to achieve the best result:

  1. An important part of the output depends on the quality of the paint, and here it is better to choose the high-quality items such as our product with normal paint, dark blue color, as the low-quality items deteriorate quickly.

  2. Paper or fabric that you don't need put it under what you want to paint so the color doesn't spread to nearby surfaces.

  3. The paint must be sprayed remotely to ensure the best results.

How is the sprayer used?

Airbrush painting is a straightforward and fun way to paint, because airbrushes or sprays can be used to restore different vivid looks and only a few tips are needed in order to use them.

Gather all the ingredients you will use.

There are color spray bottles under different brands and the best of them is the BOSNY product that has a lot of colors and the best of them is plain paint, a dark blue color, so choose the one that is closest to you and according to the type of surface you want to paint, and with the color you need some simple tools for professional application.

The expensive spray paints available in art supply stores are a bit of an investment but if you want your car's paint to finish quickly, choose BOSNY, because it's one of the cheapest types of paint to spray, you'll need less paint pieces to cover the surface you want.

When using the base color move the primer spray bottle before use and apply the right coat of primer to the surface you want to paint on, one coat is usually enough to add two coats, so be careful and wait before the last look.

Always apply a coat of primer before spray painting if possible, as this will allow the paint to adhere more properly to the surface, give a smoother result and improve color.

Methods and tips

  • Use newspapers before spray painting, and use an old newspaper or plastic sheet to keep your work area clean, avoiding stains or spray paint.

  • Always have some cloth on hand to clean the knife with paint or an eraser during the painting process.

  • Use masking tape to describe the work area you want to paint, or use clean, smooth edges if you want to for marking.

  • Using gloves and masks on the mouth and nose can prevent toxic stains when painting.

  • Make the surface you want to paint clean so that the paint doesn't stick poorly to generally sticky and dirty surfaces.

  • Give yourself the opportunity you need to wipe up any residue and clean the surface you are on.

  • You can easily clean it with a cloth or use a dust cleaner to clean the surface you want to paint.

  • If there is any sticky residue on the surface you want to paint, such as duct tape, remove it completely during the cleaning process.

BOSNY spray paint with regular paint, dark blue color, is one of the finest types of sprays that are used in painting, which I advise you to use because of what gives it of great color, lasting stability, high quality and attractive price, and it is considered as a decoration for your home.


15 SAR
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