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dhesive R remover spray

17 SAR

Dhesive R Remover Spray

Product information:-

, Al-Alameya, which helps to remove the car’s seals, ABRO, a spray remover, is one of the best products of the company.

Which is placed on the car, or its glass for the purpose of decoration and beautification, which, when removed in a wrong way, can cause scratches in the car, or injure it, and this is what Abro sticker remover will work on, it gets rid of all the stickers on the surface of the car or any Install it in an easy and simple way, without causing any damage to the car.

Basic information about the product:-

Abrau sticker remover spray works to get rid of all the remnants of grease that can be damaged by the car when the stickers are put on and removed, and it is one of the most annoying things for the car owner, especially if they are removed in the wrong way, as it can cause damage and distortion on the car. The car, or the car visor according to the area in which the sticker is placed, and if it is removed in the wrong way, it will cause exorbitant damages to the car owner, especially since the cost of car repair is expensive, and using a decal remover spray product from Abroa, it dispenses with all that, it is It works to remove all stickers from the surface of the car or anywhere in it with ease, without causing any damage.

Product Description:-

The sprayer is used to remove car stickers

It is produced by ABRO

Product type Glue remover

Helps remove adhesives from the car with ease

It does not cause any damage to the car

Its uses:-

Abrau sticker remover spray is used to remove all stickers that are placed on the car for the purpose of beautification and decoration. Causing any damage to the vehicle.

How to use it

The sprayer is used in an easy and simple way, all you have to do is spray it on the place you want to remove the sticker from, and then wipe it with a suitable tool.

Its features:-

The sprayer does not leave any side effects on the car, and maintains it and does not cause any harm to it.

trade mark



glue remover


17 SAR
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