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Super Coolant Radiator Coolant

45 SAR

Radiator Coolant- SUPER COOLANT:-

The radiator cooler from Lucas, is one of the best types available, because it is produced by the largest international companies in the industry, which are known for their high quality products. The radiator cooler works to provide maximum protection in the cooling systems of cars and racing, as it protects against corrosion and rust, and prevents deposits that may It leads to overheating, thanks to its unique composition, and reduces the temperature up to 20 degrees, and it also reduces the temperature of the cylinder, which leads to greater power and advanced ignition.

Basic information about the product:-

The radiator coolant is produced by Lucas International, which is known for its high quality products, and is indispensable for car owners. Cooling cars and packages, and is based on reducing the temperature up to 20 degrees, as it prevents corrosion and electronics, and is indispensable for car owners.

Product Description:-

·         It is a product of LUCAS company

·         SUPER COOLANT . Radiator Coolant

·         Works to provide maximum protection in car cooling systems

·         Prevents corrosion and electronics

·         Prevents deposits that may lead to engine overheating

·         Reduces temperature up to 20 degrees

·         It is distinguished by its low price

Product uses:-

Lucas Radiator Coolant is used in a very simple and easy way. For racing and high performance applications add one bottle to a mixture of two bottles to the water cooler, and for street vehicles that require anti-freeze protection add one bottle to the 50/50 mix.

How to use it:-

The radiator coolant is used to provide maximum protection in the car's cooling systems, to prevent leaks, corrosion and electronics, which may lead to the engine overheating, and it also reduces the temperature to 20 degrees.

Its features:-

Reduces temperature to 20 degrees and provides ultimate protection in vehicle cooling systems, preventing leaks, corrosion and electronics.

trade mark:-



radiator cooler

45 SAR
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