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OB22 Car GPS Tracking Device

480 SAR

1. OB22 Plug and Play OBD GPS Tracker

Jimny OBD Car GPS Tracker is easy to fit OBD-II port (plug and play) with superior location, tracking, reporting, recording and security capabilities using GSM and GPRS communication network combined with GPS technology. Our GPS tracker is also an ideal solution for leased vehicles or fleets. big

2- Jimmy recommend

1) FREE INSTALLATION FREE SHIPPING - Get rid of complicated and annoying installation Connect this mini GPS tracker to the car's OBD-II port to get it working OBD-II GPS tracker connects directly with the car ACC Don't worry about sudden power outage and provide 24 hours tracking Continuous GPS and monitoring for your car 2) Real-time OBD GPS Tracking Device-GPS Positioning Method GPS + LBS GPS Location Accuracy 10m GPS Update location time quickly to 10s (10s/20s/30s/60) s/120s for optional) Google map view 2D map view and satellite view 3D street map view OBD GPS location allows locating in real time or periodically 3) Various types of smart alert - OBD Vehicle GPS Tracker provides multiple smart alarms such as SD off alarm Power cut off alarm and drop Battery alert and geo-fence alert over speed alert with high accuracy state-of-the-art GPS and accelerometer chip to detect unsafe drive behavior 4) running tracks and geo-fence - driving path is saved, staying time and driving speed To drive, direction and so on automatically in cloud server for 6 months Historical routes Set geo-fence (200m-5000m) so that OBD GPS Tracker limits its movement within an area You will get notified if it violates the area 5)Professional APP/web platform--"solid track-- View full location (exact address/moving status) + Multiple GPS tracker Device Management Android and iOS Mobile Devices/PC/Laptop/iPad Supported If you have any question please feel free to ask

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480 SAR
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