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Sonax - Car windshield liquid - concentration 1:10 with lemon scent

15 SAR

Sonax - Car Windshield Liquid - 10:1 Concentration, Lemon Scent:-

Sonax car windshield fluid, is one of the best products on the market, that helps protect your car glass and get rid of all the accumulated dust on it that may obstruct the view of the road while driving, and Sonax car windshield fluid works to remove dust and dirt on the xenon headlights. And the plastic headlights in the transparent glass, in order to feel their work, and remove all the accumulated dust and oils, and it also makes the car smell fresh and works to protect it completely and does not lead to any side effects that may lead to damage to the car or affect its color.

Basic information about the product:-

Car windshield liquid 1:10 concentration, with the smell of lemon, is produced by Sonax International, which is known for its high-quality products, and works to get rid of all dirt and dust accumulated on the windshield of the car, and also removes dirt and insects from the xenon lamps, and plastic headlights In transparent glass, it does not harm the color of the car, and it maintains the entire surface of the car, thanks to the components from which it was made very carefully, and it also leaves a refreshing lemon scent on your car.

Product Description:-

It is a SONAX product

Car windshield fluid, 1:10 concentration, with the smell of lemon

Removes all dirt accumulated on the car windshield

Leaves a fresh scent on your car

It is characterized by its low price

Product uses:-

Car windshield fluid is used to remove all dirt and dust accumulated on the car windshield, and car headlights, which accumulate dust on them that obstructs vision while on the road, and leaves a very refreshing smell on the car.

How to use it:-

Car windshield liquid is used in a very easy and simple way, just put an appropriate amount of liquid in a bottle and add water to it and shake it well, then put it on the car windshield and use a suitable tool for washing, then water is placed on the car.

Its features:-

It works to permanently get rid of all the dirt and dust accumulated on the car windshield and headlights.

trade mark:-




15 SAR
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