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155 SAR


The complete car care set from Lucas, is a group of products that help to take care of the car and maintain it permanently. It works to remove all annoying odors inside the car, including animal odors. If you are a fan of animal husbandry, there will certainly be an odor inside the car. The polisher and deodorizer will get rid of them permanently, as well as the quick wax polish that adds a bright shine to the car, and the tire and tire polisher, which It works on leaving a good shine too, and a microfiber towel.

 Basic information about the product:-

The complete car care set, is a group produced by the international company LUCAS, whose products are preferred by many people, thanks to the components from which they are made and the impressive results they make. It is irreplaceable as it gives a new color to the car because of the gloss it adds, tire and tire polisher, microfiber towel, polisher and deodorizer.

Product Description:-

·         It is a product of LUCAS company

·         Complete Car Care Kit

·         Interior polisher and deodorizer

·         Tire Polisher

·         quick wax polish

·         Microfiber Towel

·         It is distinguished by its low price

Product uses:-

The complete car care kit is used to maintain the car completely, it contains an outstanding range of products that the car needs.

How to use it:-

The complete car care kit is used in a very easy and simple way. Each product has a special use from the other. The interior deodorizer is used by spraying in the place to remove the smell from, and the quick wax polish is applied to polish the car and show its bright color, and the tire and tire polisher also works on Polishing well.

Its features:-

The set contains many products that the car needs to take good care of, and each product has its own advantages that maintain the car completely.

trade mark:-



Complete car care

155 SAR
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