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Liqui Moly Radiator Cleaner - Size 300 ml

55 SAR

Radiator system cleaner from Liqui Moly - size 300ml :- The radiator cleaner from Liqui Moly is one of the best types of products in the company, which is known for its high quality products, as the car radiator is one of the most important things it contains and must be taken care of permanently. For problems, including deposits, where deposits in the cooling and heating system radiator form barriers against heat exchange and this is a very dangerous matter, as it prevents the thermostat and regulating mechanisms, and thus very high engine temperatures cause the engine to run significantly, increase wear, and a system cleaner works Liqui radiator to get rid of all that, it eliminates all the deposits accumulated in the radiator. Basic information about the product:- The radiator system cleaner from Liqui Moly, is one of the best products of Liqui Moly company, and it is considered one of the best products that any car owner can’t do without, as it works to maintain the cooling and heating system of the radiator, it always It is exposed to a large accumulation of sediment, which makes there are barriers against heat exchange at the time, which causes increased wear and engine operation significantly, so the use of the radiator system cleaner from Liqui Moly eliminates all these problems once and for all, so it cannot be dispensed with. Product Description: - is a product of LiQUI MOLy company Cleaner Alrdir system Liqui Moly works to get rid of all the sediment present in the Alrdir engine system that protects Alrdir system from corrosion is characterized by low - Bsaara uses of the product: - is used cleaner Alrdir system of Liqui Moly product, in Getting rid of all the deposits that can be found inside the radiator cooling and heating engine, which causes increased wear within the engine, and the engine is running more, the radiator cleaner works to protect it and clean it from all the deposits that can cause all of this. How to use it:- The radiator system cleaner product from Liqui Moly is used in a very easy and simple way, just put it in the radiator system to clean it. Its advantages: - It is characterized by getting rid of all sediments in the radiator system. trade mark:- LIQUI MOLY Type: Enhancers

55 SAR
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