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ABRO . paint remover

25 SAR

Sold Out 50 Time

ABRO Paint Remover:-

Apua paint remover is one of the best types in the market that is used to remove paint directly and in an easy and fast way. It quickly removes paint, varnish and epoxy strips. It also removes logos, decals and other signs. Many of us sometimes like to change the colors of our things from From time to time, he finds it difficult to remove the base color, and this is what the Abrua paint remover works on, as it will help you remove paint and varnish in an easy and simple way, and also works to remove decals and logos.

Basic information about the product:-

The paint remover is one of the products of the ABRO company, and it works to remove paint, varnish, decals, logos and anything you want to remove for that. It will help you to remove existing colors so that you can add new colors as you like, and also on all other purposes, as it is versatile and can be applied to all places.

Product Description:-

  • It is a product of the company ABRO

  • Epoxy paint and varnish strip remover

  • It removes quickly

  • Willin picks up in one app

  • Removes logos, badges and other tags

  • It is distinguished by its low price

Product uses:-

Abrua Paint Remover is used to get rid of all decals and signs and remove paint, varnish and epoxy tapes, in an easy and simple way, and it is one of the best products on the market that works on this.

How to use it:-

The Abrua paint remover is used in an easy and simple way, just spray the paint on the place you want to remove from, whether paint, zanish or decals and signs, and leave it for several minutes, then wipe in the area where you put the paint, until you find all the colors have eroded and removed them .

Its features:-

It removes colours, varnishes and epoxy, in a very easy and simple way, as well as removing logos, badges and other marks.

trade mark:-



nickel paint


25 SAR
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