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interior cleaner

Polymax interior cleaner for leather and fabric, fur

35 SAR


  • Helps disinfect and clean shoes, boots, gloves and undergarments
  • Efficiently cuts even the most stubborn dirt
  • Contains active deodorizing ingredients

Mafra Polymax Car Seat Velvet and Leather Cleaner

  • In short and concise terms, it is the personal assistant inside the car. Clean velvet and leather seats. And the car roof and upholstery. In addition, it cleans the car's décor, door handles and belts. Wherever there is a dirty spot inside your car, this product will make the past moments unforgettable. Polymax is our best selling product after thermal insulation

  • Polymax is one of the products of the Italian company Mafra, which is distinguished by its multi-use products,

This product, for example, does not only clean, but also removes unpleasant odors in the treated area and with some sterilization to make the place more healthy.

Moreover, it smells very pleasant and does not harm human skin when used, and does not affect the surface being cleaned.

35 SAR
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