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Sonax Extreme Briliant Shine Detailer BSD

45 SAR


Sonax Extreme for car windshield cleaning is one of the products of Lucas International, which many car owners prefer to use in cleaning. A product suitable for spray nozzles, also for directional headlights, and xenon headlights, a product that has many advantages, although it helps to clean permanently and get rid of all the dirt present, but it does not cause any damage to varnish, rubber or plastic.

 Basic information about the product:-

Sonax Extreme, is produced by LUCAS International, whose products are preferred by many people, thanks to the components that are made from them and the impressive results they perform. Sonax Extreme cleans the windshield of the car well, as it is often exposed to dirt and difficult to remove, and also It removes bugs, oil and silicone dirt, can be used for directional headlights, xenon headlights, no damage to varnish, rubber or plastic.

Product Description:-

·         It is a product of LUCAS company

·         SONAX Xtreme

·         It cleans the windshield of the car well

·         Removes insects, oils and silicone dirt

·         Can be used for directional headlights

·         Can be used for xenon headlights

·         It does not cause any damage to varnish, rubber and plastic

·         It is characterized by its low price

Product uses:-

Sonax Xtreme is used for car windshield cleaning, directional headlight cleaning and xenon headlight cleaning.

How to use it:-

Sonax Extreme is used in a very easy and simple way, just put it on the place to be cleaned by adding water to it and removing dirt from it, then a suitable tool is used to wipe and rinse with water.

Its features:-

It cleans the windshield of the car well, and removes all the dust and dirt accumulated on it, all without causing any damage to the car, and it also cleans the directional headlights.

trade mark:-



SONAX Xtreme

45 SAR
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