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Bosnian Bony Paint No.: 29

15 SAR

The best paint for the car is a normal hepatic red color It is one of the products of the Bosnian International Company, which is concerned with the manufacture of all tools for cars, as it is known for all its high-quality products, as it is manufactured with the finest types of international components, so it is one of the most famous and most important products used by all car owners, as the paint is one of the basic tools Which must be owned by the owner of the car, through which you can change the color of the car at any time you want to the attractive red color, which helps to preserve it from ultraviolet rays, so you can paint your car and also preserve it without affecting the color from weather conditions. The paint can also be used on home furnishings, cars and motorcycles. Information about the best car paint

  • One of the best BOSNY products, it is the best car paint as it is made of 100% pure acrylic, which is easy when you paint the product anywhere you want, it dries very quickly, so you can get through the paint from Bosny that you can easily get the attractive red color Where you paint all your home furniture, you can change the furniture of your room, office, and car as well, where all of this is without costs or any effort, as it is characterized by its simple price that suits everyone, as it is easy to apply and use as well and the color is not affected by weather conditions, so it is better Paint product. Description of the best car paint, one of the products of BOSNY company
  • Paint is used, by spraying with ease. to change colors
  • Use on cars, motorcycles and furniture.
  • It is a high quality paint
  • Made of 100% pure acrylic
  • It is characterized by its low price and availability.

Car paint use

Paint is used in an easy and simple way to change the color of your car or your home furniture, as it is one of the easiest ways that you can follow to get an attractive red color for your purposes. How to use the product

You can use the product patriarchal plain color red Hepatic as easy as possible, where you spray on the place you want to change the color to red liver, where used on the car and the motorcycle and all household furniture. Features of the best car paint

The product is easy to apply and use, so it is an indispensable product. trade mark


Spray Painting Read Plain Oadha..boah Color Light Silver

15 SAR
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