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Bosnian Herbal Green Paint No.: 41

15 SAR

Ordinary yanmar herbal paint

Ordinary paint, Yanmar herbal color, is produced by the international Bosnian company, which is known for all its high-quality products, due to the high-quality components that they are made of, including Ordinary Yanmar herbal paint, which is one of the new colors that appeared in the recent period, and many people prefer to use it because it It gives a special shape and attractiveness to things, and makes them have an elegant shape. If you own a car or a motorcycle, you can use an ordinary Yanmar herbal paint on it until you get a beautiful color, and you can also use it on all your home furniture, changing the color of your room and the furniture that you It has it, and it can also be used on all devices.

Basic information about the product

The Yanmar herbal color is one of the best BOSNY products, as the Yanmar herbal color is one of everyone's favorite colors, as it is one of the new colors popular these days. It is a high-quality, pure acrylic paint that is easy to apply, weather-resistant and can be used on cars, motorcycles, your home furnishings or appliances, so you get the attractive green yanmar color.

Product Description

It is a normal color of Yanmar herbal

A BOSNY product

Paint is used, by spraying with ease. to change colors

Use on car and motorcycle accessories, hardware and furniture.

It is a high quality paint

Made of 100% pure acrylic

It is characterized by its low price and availability.

  Product use

Ordinary paint, Yanmar herbal color, is one of the best colors ever, which gives a very special attraction to things. It is a bold color and when placed on anything it makes it a very attractive shape, and it can be used on all cars, motorcycles, home furniture and appliances.

How to use the product

Ordinary Yanmar Herbal Paint is used in the easiest way possible, just spray on the place you want to change to Yanmar herbal color, and it can be used on cars, motorcycles and home furniture.

Product Features

Yanmar herbal paint is easy to apply and use.

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paint spray

15 SAR
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