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Our warehouse

Storage concept in Noorkom store:

The correct storage of products is one of the main functions of Noorcom store, whether the products are tools or materials; With the aim of preserving it from damage or losing its properties, and protecting it from natural conditions that cause some undesirable changes, in addition to achieving some basic goals such as balancing the availability of products and diversifying brands, in order to meet the desires of our valued customers on an ongoing basis.

Choose a storage location:

The site is selected according to the following set of criteria:

  • Climatic conditions:

Providing a moderate climatic environment, by keeping the products inside a warehouse that contains air conditioning and ventilation devices to prevent high temperatures or humidity in order to preserve the quality of the products and protect them from losing chemical properties such as changing color, density, aromatic smell or the shape of the packaging.

  • Furniture and storage:

Choose high-quality furniture to withstand the heavy weights of products. The choice of engineering design was also scrutinized to accommodate the most number of products.

  • Warehouse building design and specifications:

A storeroom was chosen to accommodate the largest possible amount of storage, in addition to being able to develop and increase the space, taking into account the selection of the type of floors and their bearing of heavy and heavy weights, types of doors and columns, paint and other aesthetic touches.