Noorcom United Company specialized in selling car accessories, all car care products, all car accessories, alarms and vehicle tracking devices. All our products are 100% original and from internationa

who are we

United Noorkom Store

In a world full of competition and characterized by speed, 40 years ago the launch of the United Norcom Company specialized in the sale of car accessories from the city of Jeddah in the Makkah region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which became one of the leading companies in the world of car accessories, and from the moment of launch in 1380 AH, the distinction in our parts was established as We were distinguished by an exclusive quality, we took care of its provision, its needs and its diversity, and we were keen to provide several companies available to ensure that it suits any budget of the customer, be of high quality, which is a distinguishing mark in our products in the market and gives you a lasting positive impact on your car.

our vision

Leadership among customers, which means confidence that we are the best in the field of car accessories and accessories.

Our message

Fulfilling our responsibility towards our vision and harnessing all our capabilities and benefiting from our history and experience by providing original auto parts and china with better service, high quality, suitable price and fast delivery to achieve customer satisfaction and to be the best suppliers to them in this field.

Our goals

1- Ensuring the provision of all auto spare parts services in accordance with quality and efficiency standards. 2- Ease of services to achieve the highest satisfaction rate for customers wherever they are. 3- Providing free consulting services for auto spare parts in line with the customer’s need. 4- Continuing to develop our products and opening new markets In the Gulf region and the Arab world. 5- Keeping pace with the market need and working to satisfy these needs by diversifying our products, services and offerings. 6- Maintaining the first position and our leading brand in the field of auto parts and accessories. 7- Reaching the stage of comprehensive market coverage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

rate us

- Teamwork (we work in a one-team spirit in everything we do) - Distinguished service (our happiness lies in providing superior service to our customers and satisfying them) - Continuous development (we develop the spirit of improvement, renewal and knowledge of the latest developments in the automotive world). - Honesty and trust (We apply the highest ethical standards in our dealings and relations with our customers and everyone) .- Creativity and Excellence (We strive to be different, distinguished, and unique in providing auto spare parts). ) .