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Liqui Moly Environment Beard Cleaner 300ml Cleaner System-Catalytic

75 SAR

Catalytic System Cleaner | Cleaner System-Catalytic

A special active solvent consisting of a combination of high-tech additives to remove contamination and sediment in the intake manifold and the combustion system. The high-impact cleaner ensures that the catalytic converter is cleaned and exhaust emissions are reduced. It dissolves sediments and solid contaminations such as oil, resin, sticky deposits, etc. of the intake manifold and the combustion system. It increases the operation of the gasoline engine and the catalytic system.



  1. Do you suffer from a lack of torque in your car?
  2. Do you suffer from slow start of your car?
  3. Do you suffer from engine throttling?
  4. Do you suffer from increased fuel consumption in your car?
  5. Do you suffer from a smell (sewage) when your car accelerates?
  6. Do you suffer from insufficient work of the oxygen sensor?
  7. Did the technical inspection show that the environmental filters in your car are full of carbon deposits?
  8. Did you know that the cost of changing environmental filters ranges from 200 to 600 riyals? Depending on the size of the car?

Now we have found a suitable solution for all these problems, which is...

Environmental filters cleaner made by German company Lucky Moly for car care. The solution cleans the manfol, passing through the oxygen sensor, and ending with the environmental filters. The practical experience has proven the great effectiveness of the solution in cleaning the filters, and the results, thankfully, are as follows:

1- The engine sound is noticeably quieter.

-2- Increasing the air exit from the exhaust (exhaust) and thus getting rid of the engine's return pressure (back-pressure) due to the filters being closed.

3- Return the torque of the car to the normal rate.

4- The return of fuel consumption to the normal rate in most cases.

5- The disappearance of the “Check Engine” signal in some cars due to cleaning the solution to the sensor, as well as due to the cleanliness of the filters (in some rare cases, the Check Engine appears) and it will need to be reprogrammed.

Note :- Some cars imported from abroad, especially from America, may need more than one box to clean the filters and may suffocate at the beginning and a (Check Engine) signal appears immediately after placing the solution, in this case there is no need to worry just leave the car running in the normal operating mode for 10 minutes You try to press the gas pedal and mute the car, then drive the car normally for another 10 minutes, then turn off the engine and start it, and the car will return to normal, God willing, and the signal (Chuck Engine) will disappear. The way to use the solution is to loosen the suction tube, which is usually directly above or near the (Throttle Buddy), connect another tube to the hole of the suction tube and insert the other end of the tube into the solution can, press the accelerator pedal from 2500-3500 revolutions and insert the tube into the solution can. The engine will suction the solution to the inside of the manhole, and from there to the extrusion directly without going through the engine. Live results:-

Sometimes white smoke comes out, sometimes black smoke, and sometimes no smoke comes out at all until later, depending on the filter’s condition and the extent of carbon deposits accumulating on it.

75 SAR
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