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Bosnian Mirror B123

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Bosnian mirror paint

Paint Chrome Abro, is produced by the international company Bosnia , which is known for all its high-quality products, for the high-quality components that are made of it, including the paint of Bosnian mirrors, and it is one of the easiest ways that you can use to get a decent shape and shine for your car, it is one of the best products of the Bosnian company And many people prefer to use it because it is made of high-quality products, and thus it is a source of very great confidence, so it is considered the best at all, and it gives an amazing result on your car, it helps to show a delightful shine on it, and gives a very attractive shape. Bosnian mirrors helps to give luster and luster to the car, and that is at the prices possible by spraying paint on your car, and it dries very easily and easily, so it is considered one of the best products that you can use to show a shine to your car.

Basic information about the product: Chrome Abro Paint , one of the best products of BOSNY Company, is one of the best products that you can use for your car to get a high gloss for it. Which helps to give the car a very intense luster, and makes its shape attractive and likable to everyone who looks at it, and it is very easy to apply and use.

Product Description

It is a Bosnian mirror

A BOSNY product

Paint is used, by spraying with ease. to change colors

It is used to give the car a very bright and attractive luster

It is a high quality paint

The carton consists of 6 pieces


Product use

The paint is used in an easy and simple way, only if you want to transform your car in an attractive color and shape, you have to give it a special luster, and that is through the use of Bosnian mirror paint.


How to use the product

The Bosnian mirror polish product is used in the easiest way possible, just spray it on your car to give it the amazing shine it needs, which makes it look very elegant, and it dries easily and very quickly.

Product Features

Bosnian mirror polish paint is characterized by maintaining the shape and luster of the car and making it a glossy luster.

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paint spray

28 SAR
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