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109 SAR


The gearbox oil from Lucas, is one of the premium products in the market, and car owners can not do without it, it works to permanently fix all the problems of the gearbox, and it is used as a form of preventive maintenance, in order to extend and maintain the life of the gearbox, and the gearbox oil works The gearbox processor fixes more than 90% of the problems it is exposed to, and works to stop slipping in damaged or worn transmissions, and not only this, but it also cleans and lubricates the sticking valves, to ensure the correct transmission, and works to address missed gear, treats rough gear, and works It protects the gearbox from wear and friction, and does not contain any harmful solvents, and it works to reduce the oil temperature and prevent the formation of foam.

 Basic information about the product:-

Gearbox oil is one of the products of Lucas International, known for its high-quality products, and gearbox oil fixes all problems, it repairs 90% and also repairs all the problems it is exposed to, works to stop slipping in damaged transmissions, and works to clean and lubricate valves. adhesion.

Product Description:-

·         It is a product of LUCAS company

·         Gerbex treatment oil

·         It fixes 90% of gearbox problems

·         Works to stop slipping in damaged transmissions

·         Cleans and lubricates suction valves

·         Addresses missed refills

·         Handles coarse gear

·         Protects gearbox from wear and friction

·         It is distinguished by its low price

Product uses:-

  • Gearbox oil is used to repair

  • All the problems that the gearbox is exposed to, which makes it the best for many, and that

  • Thanks to its amazing results, it fixes all the problems that the gearbox is exposed to

How to use it:-

Gerbex processing oil is used from

Lucas, in an easy and simple way, just put it inside the car in the place designated for it.

Its features:-

  • It addresses all the problems of the gearbox that can be exposed to it

trade mark:-



Gerbex treatment oil

109 SAR
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