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4G P2P camera for heavy equipment with data chip

2,100 SAR

Remained 2

Used for heavy equipment

Trailers, trucks, pits, fleets, trailers, and buggies

Its features are as follows

1/ A camera that works with a data chip

3G and 4G technology

2/ Indoor and outdoor installation, IP66 waterproof

3 / It contains a network booster

4/ Broadcast Wifi

5/ Supports from 12V to 36V volts

6 Supports memory for recording up to 128 GB to record a full month

7/ Infrared technology for night photography

8 / Watching directly through the application on the mobile iPhone and Android

9/ The ability to view all equipment through a computer screen from anywhere in the world with the ability to review recordings remotely

10/ Hidden connection to the fuses

11/ Easy to install and does not need specialists

12/ Full HD clarity

13/ Motion alert feature and notifications that reach you on the mobile

14/ The ability to turn on the automatic recording feature when there is movement

zain . data chip

2,100 SAR
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