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Road Warning Reflector

BOSNY Road Warning Inverter

road reflector

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BOSNY Road Warning Inverter

Attention to streets and roads is an interface for cities and countries because of their great importance in people’s lives, as it reflects the extent of the state’s development and the well-being of the people who reside in them. It is affecting the lives of people themselves because of the road accidents that they may be exposed to, which increases by a large percentage as the number of people increases, which required the presence of road safety means,

“Bosny” Light Reflector Spray is a layer of reflective coating made by incorporating high-tech light-reflecting particles that reflect light without obscuring the original color of the object. Reflective technology is similar to that used in the road industry, traffic safety signs, highways, airport runways and car license plates. Just spray anything and it will become very cool and visible when exposed to a flashlight or automatic headlight especially at night. It can be applied to most surfaces such as bicycles, motorcycles, helmets, safety equipment, signs, fences, and other rough or round objects that do not fit reflective films .

What is the BOSNY road warning inverter

BOSNY Road Warning Reflector is a paint applied to objects such as transportation vehicles, motorcycles and non-motorcycles, as well as on metal plates in order to reflect light in the dark, so you can easily see these objects in the dark and avoid them.

Road safety equipment

Road warning reflector is one of the most important road safety equipment BOSNY

With the increase in the dangers that people are exposed to on the roads, it has become necessary to use all the appropriate protection tools that secure them on the roads, so the road reflector is one of the most important of these tools that greatly reduce road accidents.

The road reflector is generally used on the main and main roads in cities at the state level, and it is the one that supervises this work, as it is part of its plan to organize the streets to facilitate the citizens and reduce traffic accidents.

The road reflector is also used in particular and on a personal level for individuals in order to secure them and protect them from road accidents that they may be exposed to, as it is one of the easiest means used to protect people on the roads, especially the motorway.

The roads of cars are more dangerous than others for people's lives because of what they are exposed to while crossing these roads, so it was necessary to pay attention to these roads more than others, especially in terms of safety.

The main problem with the road traffic is that the rates of accidents on them are constantly increasing, which requires increased means of protection and safety at the level of the state and the individual.

The role of the state and the individual

The state must make every effort to provide all means of protection and safety for the citizen, among which of course are roads.

Just as the state has a duty towards its citizens, the citizen also has a duty towards himself first and the rest of the citizens second. One of the worst things in road accidents is that you are not only harming yourself but also harming others with you, so you must use appropriate safety measures, including the warning road reflector BOSNY   Who works to protect you and others with you.

How to use the BOSNY road warning reflector

The BOSNY road warning inverter is used in a very easy way:

  • Open the inverter spray can
  • The piece to be sprayed is prepared and wiped well
  • We spray on the part to be shown and reflect the light to it
  • Leave the sprayed part for a while

Road Reflector Benefits

  • It reflects light on the object on which it is placed, so you can see it when the light falls on it
  • It does not change the shape of the body that has been sprayed
  • Seeing objects splashed in the dark when light falls on them
  • Of great importance on the roads, especially motorways
  • Reduces the potential for accidents

If you own a car, motorcycle, or you own a regular bike, you must have a BOSNY road warning reflector   It is one of the best and indispensable safety measures, this wonderful coating makes the night vision very clear, which avoids the risks of accidents.

150 SAR
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